Commissions by ActualTsareena

Art Commissions

Want something else not listed here? Just ask! I offer a wide range of styles. Take a look through my social medias to see what I can offer.

Emotes - $12 per emote, $50 for a set of 5

Emotes by default come in 112x112px size. Extra, smaller sizes can be provided at no extra charge. Emotes come with shading by default

Icons - $15
(Shading is +$2)

Icons are 1000 x 1000px and by default come with a version with a background as well as a transparent version. Backgrounds are randomly chosen unless specified (i.e: pride flags, etc.)

Flatcolor Fullbody - $25
(+$10 per extra character)

Simple flatcolor image drawn in Flash. Simple backgrounds (Such as those used in icons) can be requested at no extra charge.

Cel-Shaded Fullbody - $35
(+$10 per extra character)

My regular Flash artwork, but with vector-based shading and lighting.

Detailed Shading - $45
(+$15 per extra character)

Artwork with painted, detailed shading and colored lineart done in Paint Tool SAI. Transparent by default but simple backgrounds may be requested at no extra charge.

Reference Sheets - Start at $40

Base price comes with front and back view, up to 2 trait closeups, and a basic info box. Price may be higher for more details and views.

Detailed Art (Detailed Shading + Painted Background) - CLOSED

The most detailed art I offer; artwork that comes with a hand drawn, scenery background and detailed shading.

Terms of Service

To order a commission, simply send me a private message via Twitter (@cancrelove), Deviantart (Sucreine), or Discord (Valentine#8835) with the details of what you want.
(For easier access, all the above social media is linked on the first page of this carrd).

I accept payment through Paypal ONLY (via Invoice). Artwork will only be started when payment is received.
You will receive a sketch of your commission, which you will need to approve before it is finalized. You are free to request changes during this period. Minor changes are also ok to request once the image has been colored.

You are able to request a refund ONLY if the artwork has not been started/no sketches have been provided.

You have FULL RIGHTS to your commission. You are free to use it in merchandise, branding, etc. The only thing required is that you give proper credit and do not claim any art or designs as your own creation.

I do not authorize my artwork for use in NFTs, Cryptocurrencies or Blockchains. I will also not accept any commissions for artwork that is to be used for this purpose.

What I will NOT draw:

Pornographic or Fetish artHateful/Bigoted contentArt for/of NFTs, Crypto, or Blockchain services.
I reserve the right to refuse service to those I am uncomfortable working with, or other subjects not listed that I feel I am not comfortable with drawing.

Things that I do not normally draw, but am open to do:

Non-Sexual NudityLight to moderate gore/bloodMechs, Cars, Machines, etc.Any species, no matter how obscure or complex they may be

Design Commissions

Tsareena/Steenee Designs - Start at $25
(Full evolution lines start at $30)

Pokemon/Fakemon, Feral or Low-Anthro Animals, Simplistic Monster Designs - Start at $35

Human(oid) and Anthro Designs - Start at $40